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We are proud to produce all natural wines using whole grapes imported from Lodi, California. Guests of the winery can enjoy distinctive wines, from light to dry, providing delightful flavours for every palate.

Our winery is located in the historic Brewery District of Columbus, Ohio. Via Vecchia retains the original exposed brick arches, wood ceiling beams, and limestone walls from the 1800's, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

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Paolo Rosi & Michael Elmer
Creators / Owners


The Process

The Process

Vino Virtue

We keep it simple and honest: get grapes, crush them, ferment them, and put the resulting wine in French Oak barrels for a one year minimum. We do not artificially alter, enhance, or modify our wines.

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Event Calendar

Event Calendar

A Date To Remember

View our Event Calendar for availability on booking or for upcoming public events.

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Event Vendors

Local vendors that are familiar with our space.

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